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Hoodilidoo, where the spirit of music lives.

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Love with honesty and courage.

Have respect for others and self control.

Show compassion and kindness, they are vital to solidarity.

With dedication and determination always apply reason.

Only the truth.

Hoodilidoo is a word made up of syllables from the Bhakti Yoga tradition. 

Hoodilidoo is just like any other mantra.

The visual representation of Hoodilidoo is the Zygote.

Which IS a mandala.

The Zygote, symbolizes the divine within, infinite and radiating Love in all directions. Meditate, become a conduit for the power of love music and peace.

Hoodilidoo we embrace our differences and let Love light the way.

 Hoodilidoo we have the power of unity in the spirit of music.

Love and music can save the world.